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We’re Jumping for Joy!

The Guys

Why? Because it’s finished. It’s over. The footage has been graded. The sound has been mixed. The changes have been changed and the tweaks tweaked.

We’re finally ready to go.

Best news of all? It looks great! So now we’re on the hunt for film festivals, scratching through our contacts in broadcasting -generally embarking on a mission to get it seen.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported us (patiently) over the years. After Tomorrow started in Jordan, was built in London and finally finished in Johannesburg. Now it’s time to be shown to the world.

So wish us luck as we enter the final phase of this long journey. We look forward to bringing you good news soon.

And we will be sharing the film with all our crowdfunders as soon as we have submitted to all the festivals.

Touf and Carl

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Editing is done!

Editing is done!

“After Tomorrow” & Carl Gough have moved to Johannesburg, South Africa.
The editing is now officially done.
The grading and the sound design will be done by two very talented guys in Joburg.
It’ll be finished soon, promise!

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March 8, 2014 · 3:07 pm

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Light at the End of the Tunnel

It’s been a long journey, but with the patience of camel herders, the persistence of trinket sales-people and the financial help of some incredibly generous people, the end is finally nigh.

We’re literally 3 steps away from completion:

1) Trim 1:30 off the edit
2) Grade the footage (make it look pretty)
3) Mix the audio

After that, we’ll be good to go. So thank you for sticking with us… It’ll be worth the wait, we promise!

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November 22, 2013 · 2:35 pm

We’re crowdfunding!

Hi all,

Just wanted to update you on our latest fund-raising venture. We’ve started a crowdfunding page on, and things are progressing rather nicely.

Please have a look here:

Feel free to contribute and share to your heart’s content!

Thanks for the support,

Carl and Touf

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Oasis Magazine

Oasis magazine  published one of our articles “The Modern Bedouin”.

It looks great, get your July copy and check it out!




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July 18, 2012 · 9:28 am

Time flies…

…when you’re archiving 55 hours of footage!

Apologies for the long break since our last post. We’ve both been sucked into the London rat race, and have been reduced to working on our archiving after work and on weekends.

The good news is we’re finished! (Well, almost: we just have 1.5 hours of footage to go). Next step will be to edit a 20-minute piece that we can send to funding agencies in order to pay for a proper editor. We’ll upload some edited bits in the next month or two so you can see how the story is taking shape.

In the meantime, here’s a pic of us hard at work, with little Bilal contributing to the creative process too (we’ll take all the help we can get!)

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